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Bob Blakley Gets Privacy Right

I don’t know why — maybe it’s just the fall weather — but the privacy temperature is changing. We’re in a period of global warming towards privacy as a key component of Internet identity infrastructure. Part of it is my … Continue reading

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Eve Finds Another Intersection

I’m going to start referring to her as the Venn Queen. Eve Maler has done another Venn diagram, this time to show the relationship of whole areas of the “user-centric” sphere of activities. Going into Digital ID World next week, … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Stefan

And congratulations Kim. The news just become official that Microsoft has acquired Stefan Brand’s Credentica and all its intellectual property. This pairs up Stefan with Kim Cameron and Microsoft’s Identity and Access team to bring Credentica’s groundbreaking U-Prove zero-knowledge-proof technology … Continue reading

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XDI Link Contracts

Identity Woman (Kaliya Hamlin) posts about why current “friend formats” like FOAF and XFN don’t satisfy the need for privacy and personal control of data that she – and many other women – want before they are comfortable sharing personal … Continue reading

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Securing Very Important Data: Your Own

Denise Caruso published a wonderful article in Sunday’s New York Times on a subject very close to my heart: how to best go about protecting personal identity, profile, and preference data as new technologies like OpenID, Higgins, and XDI make … Continue reading

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Social Web User's Bill of Rights

Last week I mentioned the Social Web User’s Bill of Rights that was drafted for the Data Sharing Summit last Friday and Saturday. When it was first posted, it included the phrase, “ownership”, as in “user’s should own their personal … Continue reading

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The Data Sharing Summit: Problems and Solutions

Certain events scream out for live blogging. The Data Sharing Summit is one of them. So these are my notes from first half of Day 1. (Then why are they being posted at midnight, you ask? Because there was too … Continue reading

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