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Great essay on the impact of the net

Every so often you read a blog post that’s so good you just have to blog about it right away. Here’s one from Grant McCracken titled: “Internet 2.0: The Economic, Social and Cultural Consequences of the New Internet.” It’s not … Continue reading

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XRIs and Privacy: Anonymous Single Sign On

Radovan Semančík recently wrote about the privacy concerns with global unique identifiers in his blog post called Global Troubles. He points out that the same issues arises whether those global unique identifiers are URLs (OpenID, LID, and now SXIP) or … Continue reading

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Identity Informational Morning

See the Internet Identity Workshop wiki for info about a morning meeting for developers to be held at Cafe Won Ton in the Fulsom neighborhood of S.F. next Monday, 2005/12/12, before the Syndicate conference. It’ll be a great chance to … Continue reading

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YADIS Going Strong

Johannes Ernst posts a summary of the YADIS meeting held in San Fransisco last week (which I couldn’t attend in person but dialed in for). It was one of those classic situations where the common need to interoperate overcame the … Continue reading

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John Udell on the Dataweb

Doc Searls gave me a ping that Jon Udell was starting to write about the Dataweb. His article in Infoworld is titled, “The two way data web” and it talks about how folks like Bill Gates and Adam Bosworth are … Continue reading

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XRI 2.0: The Vote is On

(One funny thing I’ve wondered about the blogosphere: is it like a real neighborhood, where your presence or absence is noticed? I suppose on the busier blogs it is; maybe less so if you don’t blog as often…) Anyway, I’ve … Continue reading

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