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The Information Card Foundation: Helping Scale Mount Identity

YAF? (“Yet Another Foundation?”) Some in the identity community have had that reaction to the announcement of the Information Card Foundation (ICF) today at the start of the Burton Catalyst conference in San Diego. As one of two members of … Continue reading

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Paul Madsen on the i-card taxonomy

Paul Madsen has done a nicely illustrated post on the taxonomy of i-cards supported by the Higgins project. He makes a great point about how SAML cards (“s-cards”) could fit in, both in terms of third-party cards and self-issued cards. … Continue reading

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Higgins speaks SAML

Paul Trevithick just posted about a significant new step for the Higgins Project – the first contributions adding support for SAML 2.0. At first blush that may not seem surprising – SAML is the granddaddy of modern Internet identity protocols … Continue reading

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Eve Gets the Venn of Identity

Speaking of great posts and great pictures, I think Eve Maler’s recent Venn of Identity diagram is the best thumbnail picture of “Internet identity space” I’ve ever seen. She credits both Johannes Ernst and Paul Madsen for the progenitors. Eve’s … Continue reading

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Identity Meme

If you want to follow the real down-and-dirty of what the identity layer will become, catch Jeff Hodges blog at Before he joined NeuStar two years ago (lured by Peter Davis among others), Jeff was with Oblix and Sun … Continue reading

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SAML and OpenID at the Convergence Dance

Eve Maler called it a “swirling nexus”. That’s appropriate for both the weather and the dance of discussions at an informal meeting last week between SAMListas (Eve’s term) and OpenIDear’s (my term) hosted by JanRain last week in Portland. Eve … Continue reading

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