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Comments on the Google account problem

First, my apologies to everyone who commented on Fixing the Google Account Problem. For some reason WordPress stopped notifying me about comment approval (I’m using Akismet but I still find the majority of comments that get through it are spam, … Continue reading

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The Incredible Internet Answer Machine #2

I receive an email from a friend: Drummond, As my Word expert, how do I turn off the “balloon” captioning of redline changes? I think, “Good question. I have no idea. I’ve often wondered that myself.” I’m about to start … Continue reading

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The Incredible Internet Answer Machine

I know reams have been written about “are we all getting dumber because the Internet is getting smarter?” But still, it does take my breath away, almost every day. In another one for the “new heights of irony” file: I … Continue reading

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Avatar – Ahhhhhhhh

This may be the only blog post I ever write with no link in it. But, reading today that Avatar has finally knocked off Titanic as the #1 grossing movie of all time, one hardly needs to provide a link … Continue reading

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