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Doc Searls, VRM, and the Redemption of Tomorrow's Internet

Ryan Janssen has posted another interview in his series on digital identity, and I daresay that if you’ve ever met Doc Searls, you can just feel his energy and passion about VRM coming through in this writeup. Highly recommended reading. … Continue reading

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Understanding Windows CardSpace

You know you’re seriously an identity geek when your spare-time reading is Understanding Windows Cardspace. But for this rapidly rising new branch of the digital identity space, a book with this much good information about Microsoft’s CardSpace technology is definitely … Continue reading

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Internet Identity Workshop Coming in May

Nowadays I find myself orienting my entire year around IIW (the Internet Identity Workshop). DO NOT miss it if you want to seriously intersect with the user-centric identity community. This year it will include a follow-on Data Sharing Summit on … Continue reading

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Congratulations, Stefan

And congratulations Kim. The news just become official that Microsoft has acquired Stefan Brand’s Credentica and all its intellectual property. This pairs up Stefan with Kim Cameron and Microsoft’s Identity and Access team to bring Credentica’s groundbreaking U-Prove zero-knowledge-proof technology … Continue reading

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Ryan Janssen Takes Me Back

Ryan Janssen pinged me via my contact page last week to ask if I had time to share the story of how I came to be working on XRI, XDI, OpenID, i-cards, Higgins, and Identity Commons. He reached me this … Continue reading

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