Am I Completely Missing Something or Did AirBNB Map View Just Go Away?

As heads-down as I have been working on SSI (self-sovereign identity) for the past 18 months (that’s why no posts during that period), once again a broken customer experience has provoked me to break that spell (last time it was the %$#@ wifi on United Airlines).

This time it’s AirBNB. It’s not perfect in many ways, but as an alternative to hotel rooms, it’s been a godsend. For both personal and business travel. So it’s become a mainstay of my travel planning. Until the last few times when I’ve gone to find the closest AirBNB listing to a destination (usually a conference site) and…

…no map view of listings. Just a flat table.

I thought I must be missing something, so yesterday I searched high and low on the page and then did some web searches to see what I was missing. But it appears it’s just…


What I did find, however, was postings over the past two years from dozens of AirBNB users asking “what happened to map view?” So apparently it’s not something new.

Have I just been brain-dead this whole time? Not seeing that this most OBVIOUS way of showing listings has gone missing?

Or am I totally missing something in the AirBNB UI?


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