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Fixing the Google Account problem

Every so often you experience a technical problem you can’t find any information about and which takes you forever to solve. Then, after you finally solve it, you are left scratching your head saying, “I don’t get it­—there must be … Continue reading

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Joe Andrieu Cuts the Gordian Data Ownership Knot

Joe Andrieu has a wonderful way of cutting the Gordian knot on complex socio-technical topics, with clear prose, compelling arguments, and clever illustrations that explain why you should look at something decidedly differently. Now he wields that knife on the … Continue reading

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Your Own Personal Piece of the Cloud

There’s an excellent thread going on among the MyDex team about the accelerating shift towards cloud computing and what this means for the individual. I strongly recommended to them Nicolas Carr’s The Big Switch for a discussion of this very … Continue reading

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The Age of Privacy is Over?

According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, yes. See the video with your own eyes and read the ReadWriteWeb analysis of the interview he did with TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington. Is the age of privacy really over, or does Mark Zuckerberg just … Continue reading

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VRM Rising

I recommend Doc’s new post that explains the essence of what’s behind VRM. It’s a big vision, his, but Doc has a way of framing the future that makes it look inevitable – all that remains is the question of … Continue reading

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Will Norris on Identity and (Non-Recyclable) Identifiers

I could spend this entire week doing nothing but reading and posting about good post-holiday reading of recent blog posts. My theory is simple: over the holiday break, people (well, most people – not me this year) have time to … Continue reading

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