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Pamela Dingle: My Favorite Bio

The new announced Information Card Foundation has nine community board members, and I’m pleased to report they all have a keen sense of humor. Case in point: Pam Dingle’s bio on the Board of Directors page: Pamela Dingle Pamela Dingle … Continue reading

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The Information Card Foundation: Helping Scale Mount Identity

YAF? (“Yet Another Foundation?”) Some in the identity community have had that reaction to the announcement of the Information Card Foundation (ICF) today at the start of the Burton Catalyst conference in San Diego. As one of two members of … Continue reading

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Joe Andrieu Answers Questions about VRM

If you haven’t heard of VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) yet, you will soon. Not that it will be an overnight phenomena – that’s one of the points Joe Andrieu makes in his mini-FAQ about VRM. But read Joe’s post to … Continue reading

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Paul Madsen Sums It Up

At the last Internet Identity Workshop, I gave Paul Madsen a community award for keenest identity wit. Everybody agreed he wins hands down. For a taste see his appraisal of the W3C recommendation on XRI.

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Time for OASIS XRI TC and W3C TAG to Sit Down Together

It was stunning. 10 days ago, a few days after the voting period began on XRI Syntax 2.0 and XRI Resolution 2.0 becoming an OASIS Standard, the W3C TAG (Technical Architecture Group) came out with a statement recommending that members … Continue reading

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