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T.Rob and I Have Another Vulcan Mind Meld and This Time I Didn’t Even Know It

So if you like that wild Vulcan mind-meld stuff (that Zachary Quinto now does as well as Leonard Nimoy did—both are stellar in the latest Star Trek), you’ll love this. Yesterday on my new Respect Network blog I did a post … Continue reading

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The Second Personal Cloud Meetup

[UPDATE: See the detailed writeup on this meetup (including highlights from all 7 talks) posted to the Respect Network website.] The first Personal Cloud Meetup in San Francisco last month was so successful that the second one is upon us already. Hosted by … Continue reading

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The Real Killer App for Personal Clouds

I’ve been working for several years now on building infrastructure for personal clouds (that’s the entire goal of the Respect Network based on the Respect Trust Framework). I’ve helped design, discuss, and debate dozens of powerful new apps for personal clouds (see several that were … Continue reading

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Trillions – The Video

(Update 2013-02-12: I’m halfway through the book now and it’s only getting better.) Setting a new precedent here – blogging about a book even before I’ve finished reading the first chapter. But I’m reading Trillions at the recommendation of several … Continue reading

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KRL and XDI: Digital Chocolate and Peanut Butter

I’ve been working with Phil Windley on key issues in digital identity and trust networks for a long time now, and particularly closely in the past year since Kynetx became one of the first Founding Partners of the Respect Network. But rarely have I … Continue reading

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The Difference Between a Personal Cloud and a Personal Data Vault

In August I did a short post sharing an insight about what cleanly distinguishes a personal cloud from what the VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) community has long called a personal data store or PDS. A few years ago it appeared the popular … Continue reading

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Filiberto Selvas on Personal Clouds

Following on the heels of Jeff Kramer’s vision for personal clouds, Filiberto Selvas, author of the SocialCRM blog, shares his view of the potential of personal clouds. Filiberto was introduced to me by Respect Network advisor Chris Carfi, so unlike Jeff, Filiberto and … Continue reading

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