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XRD Begins

For most people, watching the evolution of technical specifications is like watching a glacier move. To those of us living the process, though, there can be a great deal of drama to it — in fact it’s much more like … Continue reading

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Wikipedia: The Auto-Matching Contribution

I could go on for hours about the value of Wikipedia to every person on this planet. But let me go right to the bottom line: take a few seconds to show your own appreciation for by making a donation. … Continue reading

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Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist

Whenever I find myself recommending a book more than two or three times, it’s easier to just put a link here and point people at it. It’s definitely time to do that for Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist. It’s … Continue reading

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Now We Will

I don’t think I’ve ever made a political post in this blog, but tonight is an exception. We’ve never had an election like this. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen one man and his family and his campaign have such … Continue reading

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