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Firefox, Are You Listening?

Pam Dingle has a wonderful suggestion about how Firefox should proceed with automatic updates. Those of us building identity selector technology that integrates closely with browsers need stable browsers to work with. That’s always tough after a major release, but … Continue reading

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Nat Sakimura on OpenID and XRI

Nat Sakimura, who is quietly implementing real user-centric identity solutions in the Japanese market while many others are still talking about them, has posted his concise reasoning why XRI abstract identifiers are the the only really safe identifiers to use … Continue reading

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Fall IIW: Don't Miss It

I was just telling a colleague in the identity industry that so many meetings are being planned for the Fall IIW, Nov. 10-12 in Mountain View, CA, that I’m not sure that there will be any time for anything else. … Continue reading

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XRI in a Nutshell

Someday I’m going to write a book about primary challenge with disruptive technologies: they are always starved for resources. In fact, you could argue this chicken-or-egg problem is what defines a disruptive technology: it can’t attract enough development resources until … Continue reading

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Eve Finds Another Intersection

I’m going to start referring to her as the Venn Queen. Eve Maler has done another Venn diagram, this time to show the relationship of whole areas of the “user-centric” sphere of activities. Going into Digital ID World next week, … Continue reading

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