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Trillions – The Video

(Update 2013-02-12: I’m halfway through the book now and it’s only getting better.) Setting a new precedent here – blogging about a book even before I’ve finished reading the first chapter. But I’m reading Trillions at the recommendation of several … Continue reading

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The Incredible Internet Irony Machine strikes again. The stealth startup that’s been my singular focus since stepping down as Executive Director of Open Identity Exchange and the Information Card Foundation last fall, called Respect Network, took one tiny peek above … Continue reading

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Phil Windley on XDI

Phil Windley, co-founder and CTO of Kynetx (among the many hats he wears), wrote his own rules language, KRL, to “program the Web”. So when Phil writes the following about XDI after he and his team did a two-day deep … Continue reading

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Joe Andrieu Cuts the Gordian Data Ownership Knot

Joe Andrieu has a wonderful way of cutting the Gordian knot on complex socio-technical topics, with clear prose, compelling arguments, and clever illustrations that explain why you should look at something decidedly differently. Now he wields that knife on the … Continue reading

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Personal Data Stores – The Time is Coming

This entire fall has been intense with work, thus the paucity of posts here. The holidays brings a welcome respite and a chance to catch up with a few key mental threads. One of them is the growing awareness of … Continue reading

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The Permissioned Web: Open Does Not Mean Public Domain

At the Glue Conference this week I’m enjoying a great set of speakers lined up by Eric Norlin on the topic of how everything in the networked universe gets glued together using Web 2.0 tools and beyond. (The talk Mitch … Continue reading

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Joe Nails it Open

Joe Andrieu nails another super post (where DOES he find the time to write/draw all of these???), this time about what it means for a platform to really be open. My favorite part is that he doesn’t just do it … Continue reading

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The Data Sharing Summit: Problems and Solutions

Certain events scream out for live blogging. The Data Sharing Summit is one of them. So these are my notes from first half of Day 1. (Then why are they being posted at midnight, you ask? Because there was too … Continue reading

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The Golden Spike Meeting of Higgins and XDI

May 3, 2006, mid-afternoon. The second Internet Identity Workshop had just wrapped up. It was so thick with sessions and discussions that Paul Trevithick, Andy Dale, and I just kept passing each other in the halls saying, “We need to … Continue reading

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John Udell on the Dataweb

Doc Searls gave me a ping that Jon Udell was starting to write about the Dataweb. His article in Infoworld is titled, “The two way data web” and it talks about how folks like Bill Gates and Adam Bosworth are … Continue reading

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XRI, XDI, and Web Services

I just returned from an inspiring meeting with a number of Identity Gang folks about the legal, social, and policy foundations of an identity metasystem. One of the most eye-catching presentations was Dick Hardt’s video of his OSCON talk on … Continue reading

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XDI and Homeland Security

I haven’t blogged much about XDI yet, in part because it’s not as far along in the standardization process at OASIS as XRI. This will start changing as the first early XDI data sharing applications start surfacing (hint hint). In … Continue reading

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