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Identity Happens with Marty Schleiff

Boeing has long been one of the most progressive companies when it comes to identity management and how it can enable new value chains in a large ecosystem. Marty Schleiff is one of the reasons. I’ve worked with him extensively … Continue reading

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Phil Windley on Relationship Providers

Phil Windley has an uncanny ability to size up new technologies in a single bound. Read his take on relationship providers and how far they can go beyond the role of “identity providers” (a term I have never liked since … Continue reading

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Robert Pirsig Explains Vacation Zen

Some 34 years after it was published and 20 years after my last (fifth) reading, Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance remains the book that has has the biggest influence on my life. I took my old … Continue reading

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