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Paul Trevithick on Password Cards

Paul’s done a post about his writeup of password cards on the Higgins wiki. IMHO this is  a long overdue idea for how an identity client (“selector” in information card terms) can overcome the chicken-and-egg adoption problem. Selectors are like … Continue reading

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Principles of VRM

Doc Searls has done a very succinct post on the Principles of VRM in preparation for the VRM Workshop next week in Boston. You can’t read it and not see how closely VRM is related to r-cards (relationship cards) and … Continue reading

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Relationship Cards (R-Cards)

So much for the naive thought that I’ have time at the Burton Catalyst conference last week to finally blog about two subjects near and dear to my heart that I knew would be covered at the conference. It backfired … Continue reading

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Understanding Windows CardSpace

You know you’re seriously an identity geek when your spare-time reading is Understanding Windows Cardspace. But for this rapidly rising new branch of the digital identity space, a book with this much good information about Microsoft’s CardSpace technology is definitely … Continue reading

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Ryan Janssen Takes Me Back

Ryan Janssen pinged me via my contact page last week to ask if I had time to share the story of how I came to be working on XRI, XDI, OpenID, i-cards, Higgins, and Identity Commons. He reached me this … Continue reading

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Paul Madsen on the i-card taxonomy

Paul Madsen has done a nicely illustrated post on the taxonomy of i-cards supported by the Higgins project. He makes a great point about how SAML cards (“s-cards”) could fit in, both in terms of third-party cards and self-issued cards. … Continue reading

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Higgins speaks SAML

Paul Trevithick just posted about a significant new step for the Higgins Project – the first contributions adding support for SAML 2.0. At first blush that may not seem surprising – SAML is the granddaddy of modern Internet identity protocols … Continue reading

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Joe Andrieu on Microsoft's Health Care Record Initiative

Joe Andrieu, one of the leaders of the VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) community, has posted a good initial assessment of Microsoft’s first foray (post-Passport) of storing personal data for consumers via their Health Care Record initiative. It’s well worth reading … Continue reading

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The Data Sharing Summit: Problems and Solutions

Certain events scream out for live blogging. The Data Sharing Summit is one of them. So these are my notes from first half of Day 1. (Then why are they being posted at midnight, you ask? Because there was too … Continue reading

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The Golden Spike Meeting of Higgins and XDI

May 3, 2006, mid-afternoon. The second Internet Identity Workshop had just wrapped up. It was so thick with sessions and discussions that Paul Trevithick, Andy Dale, and I just kept passing each other in the halls saying, “We need to … Continue reading

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