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FounderDating Breaks the First Rule of Trust—I Will Never Use This Site

True story: two weeks ago I received an email from an entrepreneur I know and respect (who will remain unnamed). It read as follows: Hi Drummond, I’ve just joined FounderDating (no, it’s NOT romantic) – a handpicked network of entrepreneurs connecting … Continue reading

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Want to See a Company That Really Listens to its Customers?

This is the second rave I’ve posted about Smile Software and it’s killer  typing utility, TextExpander, which auto-expands “snippets” that you type. For example, I only need to type =D and press the spacebar to have it automatically expanded into =Drummond. I … Continue reading

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Support for this

I’m an advisor to the project led by Dan Whaley. If you care about the subjects on this blog, I implore you to do two things: Watch Dan’s 5 minute video introducing (at the top of the Kickstarter project … Continue reading

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The Incredible Internet Irony Machine strikes again. The stealth startup that’s been my singular focus since stepping down as Executive Director of Open Identity Exchange and the Information Card Foundation last fall, called Respect Network, took one tiny peek above … Continue reading

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You wanna see what killer technical support looks like?

It’s when you send a three line email and within 24 hours you get a reply back like this: TextExpander Support Hi Drummond, Regarding a), we do hear from users occasionally with this issue, although nothing has changed or is … Continue reading

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FollowFriday Microtagging with XRIs

The Craig Burton is at it again. Putting together all kinds of cool memes. This time he’s seen how to splice XRI into the FollowFriday endorsement system for Twitter. He calls the concept “microtagging” – using XRIs in the tag … Continue reading

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Awesome IIW2006

I just got back from Internet Identity Workshop 2006A (the “A” because a second one is planned later this year). I want to echo the praises others (Phil Windley, Kim Cameron) have heaped on it. In particular, Kaliya was amazing. … Continue reading

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Registering with Opinity

Time to start “claiming my blog” — this one for testing with Opinity’s third-party reputation aggregation service. The following is what I need to paste in to authenticate by blog there: Click the link to check my Opinity reputation! [More … Continue reading

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Opinity & Reputation

Bill Washburn, a friend since he became involved with XDI.ORG in late 2000, has joined Opinity and is a primary driver of their new blog. If you haven’t seen Opinity, check them out – to the best of my knowledge … Continue reading

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