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Finally Taking Off a Hat

When the Information Card Foundation (ICF) and OpenID Foundation (OIDF) launched the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) at RSA on March 2, I temporarily added the hat of OIX Executive Director. ICF agreed to loan me half time to OIX to … Continue reading

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IIW East Coming in Washington D.C. Sept 9/10

Given all the intersections between open identity and governments (in particular the US government, but several others are not far behind), it’s about time we had an Internet Identity Workshop in D.C. Now we do — immediately following Gov 2.0. … Continue reading

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Phil Windley on XDI

Phil Windley, co-founder and CTO of Kynetx (among the many hats he wears), wrote his own rules language, KRL, to “program the Web”. So when Phil writes the following about XDI after he and his team did a two-day deep … Continue reading

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Doc on the Data Bubble and how VRM Will Pop It

I’m biased but I think this post is one of Doc Searl’s best about VRM and what’s going to compel it forwards. It’s about the July 31 Wall Street Journal article about behavioral tracking on the net. He’s been preaching … Continue reading

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About half-way through this movie, I found myself wondering how Christopher Nolan every got it made. No Hollywood exec would ever believe a movie with a plot this complex and layered could find a wide audience. Wrong. It is to … Continue reading

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