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XDI Link Contracts

Identity Woman (Kaliya Hamlin) posts about why current “friend formats” like FOAF and XFN don’t satisfy the need for privacy and personal control of data that she – and many other women – want before they are comfortable sharing personal … Continue reading

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Paul Madsen on the i-card taxonomy

Paul Madsen has done a nicely illustrated post on the taxonomy of i-cards supported by the Higgins project. He makes a great point about how SAML cards (“s-cards”) could fit in, both in terms of third-party cards and self-issued cards. … Continue reading

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It's that time again — Internet Identity Workshop 2007B

I’ve never been part of a self-organizing community as large or as effective as the Internet Identity Workshop. If you care about the emerging user-centric identity layer for the Internet – or even if you only only care about the … Continue reading

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