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Identity Meme

If you want to follow the real down-and-dirty of what the identity layer will become, catch Jeff Hodges blog at Before he joined NeuStar two years ago (lured by Peter Davis among others), Jeff was with Oblix and Sun … Continue reading

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CardSpace and OpenID Starting the Convergence Dance?

Earlier this month Kim Cameron starting blogging about some of the phishing concerns he’s had about OpenID that he and Mike Jones have shared with myself and other members of the OpenID community privately since Digital ID World last September. … Continue reading

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SAML and OpenID at the Convergence Dance

Eve Maler called it a “swirling nexus”. That’s appropriate for both the weather and the dance of discussions at an informal meeting last week between SAMListas (Eve’s term) and OpenIDear’s (my term) hosted by JanRain last week in Portland. Eve … Continue reading

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The Golden Spike Meeting of Higgins and XDI

May 3, 2006, mid-afternoon. The second Internet Identity Workshop had just wrapped up. It was so thick with sessions and discussions that Paul Trevithick, Andy Dale, and I just kept passing each other in the halls saying, “We need to … Continue reading

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Bob Wyman Updates it to Zooko's Pyramid

You have to be not just an identity geek, but a dedicated addressing geek, to have even heard of Zooko’s Triangle, let alone understand how elegant an analysis it is of the tradeoffs involved with global identifiers (globally-unique, human-meaningful, decentralized: … Continue reading

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Many of us in Internet identity like to joke about how we all work for Doc Searls, since he’s the one who initiated the Identity Gang and the whole current movement towards user-centric identity. But we may all seriously end … Continue reading

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