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More on I-Cards and I-Names

Paul Trevithick let me know that the notes from the i-card session at the Berkman Identity Open Space last month are posted at I continue to find it very helpful to make the distinction between address-based identity and card-based identity. It … Continue reading

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INITECH Goes Live with I-Services

INITECH is the first i-broker to provide three i-services for their i-name customer — they just went live with SAML-based i-name Single Sign-On (i-SSO), Contact and Forwarding services. You can see these services at work with their own i-name, @greenbutton. You can … Continue reading

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I-Cards: Convergence on a Metaphor

At the Berkman Identity Mashup two weeks ago, at an open space session proposed by Paul Trevithick (“Professor Higgins” ;-), the Identity Gang reached consensus on a fundamental metaphor for interoperable identity systems: the i-card. This consensus was rooted on … Continue reading

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Inflection (and Reflection) Points

Every so often we reach what seems to be one of those special inflection points in time: a period that acts like a gravity field for change. June was such a month for me. First my oldest son graduated from … Continue reading

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