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Lyft, this really sucks…

I have been a faithful customer of Lyft for the past several years, charging literally thousands of dollars of rides over that time. And then today I order a Lyft that goes to the other side of the building I’m … Continue reading

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Am I Completely Missing Something or Did AirBNB Map View Just Go Away?

As heads-down as I have been working on SSI (self-sovereign identity) for the past 18 months (that’s why no posts during that period), once again a broken customer experience has provoked me to break that spell (last time it was … Continue reading

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United Wifi: How Can It Be So Bad?

I just flew United non-stop from Seattle to Washington D.C. (Dulles) and back. I realized too late after booking the trip that this was the airline on which I had never successfully connected to their in-air wifi. Since it was a five … Continue reading

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FounderDating Breaks the First Rule of Trust—I Will Never Use This Site

True story: two weeks ago I received an email from an entrepreneur I know and respect (who will remain unnamed). It read as follows: Hi Drummond, I’ve just joined FounderDating (no, it’s NOT romantic) – a handpicked network of entrepreneurs connecting … Continue reading

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What Was Google Thinking??? (A Rant about the Gmail Editing Toolbar)

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for 6+ months now. Since it’s a sunny Sunday morning in Seattle before I leave on a week’s vacation, I’m finally letting loose. Here’s the bee in my summer bonnet (which has stung … Continue reading

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Want to See a Company That Really Listens to its Customers?

This is the second rave I’ve posted about Smile Software and it’s killer  typing utility, TextExpander, which auto-expands “snippets” that you type. For example, I only need to type =D and press the spacebar to have it automatically expanded into =Drummond. I … Continue reading

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United: Are You Listening?

I was stunned not only by the story United Airlines Lost My Friend’s 10 Year Old Daughter And Didn’t Care, but mostly by the number and antipathy of the comments. Honestly, after reading it you will wonder if you ever want … Continue reading

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AT&T Are You Reading Your Own Emails???

When I upgraded to the iPhone 4S the day after Christmas (it was really an Apple Christmas in my household this year), I made the difficult decision to stick with AT&T. My experience with routinely dropped calls has been just as … Continue reading

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You wanna see what killer technical support looks like?

It’s when you send a three line email and within 24 hours you get a reply back like this: TextExpander Support Hi Drummond, Regarding a), we do hear from users occasionally with this issue, although nothing has changed or is … Continue reading

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