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What He Said (about Sovrin)

I joke with Phil Windley that half my blog posts are about his blog posts. But there’s a good reason for that. Phil’s a prolific blogger because he’s a prolific thinker, and there is a very high signal-to-noise ratio in those … Continue reading

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T.Rob and I Have Another Vulcan Mind Meld and This Time I Didn’t Even Know It

So if you like that wild Vulcan mind-meld stuff (that Zachary Quinto now does as well as Leonard Nimoy did—both are stellar in the latest Star Trek), you’ll love this. Yesterday on my new Respect Network blog I did a post … Continue reading

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T.Rob Wyatt Explains the Respect Trust Framework (and May Not Even Know It)

How to explain how we got here? I wrote a blog post called Please Send Wicked Simple Email inspired by the jaw-dropping great messages T.Rob Wyatt was sending to the VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) and personal cloud mailing lists. I lobbied for T.Rob’s … Continue reading

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Kim Cameron on Google’s New Privacy Policy

When he first introduced them in 2004, Kim Cameron’s Laws of Identity changed the landscape of the Internet identity industry almost overnight. Though Kim has since stepped down as Chief Identity Architect at Microsoft, he still packs a helluva punch … Continue reading

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XDI Art from Mike Schwartz

Mike Schwartz, CEO of Gluu and one of the hardest working members of the OASIS XDI Technical Committee, has started a series about XDI art on the Gluu blog. It lends gentle and beautiful insight into this new semantic data format … Continue reading

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The Height of Insidiousness

On January 19 I did a short post titled I am so ready to get rid of these. It was about blog spammers winning the war against WordPress’s Akismet spam filter. What enraged me most is that if a comment … Continue reading

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Fire in the Firehose

When I see a tweet with a title like 21 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue I want to run screaming. As if we need any more clueless content clogging the Internet firehose. There’s a reason … Continue reading

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The Keys to the Keys

Craig Burton has penned another crystalline piece called How to Spot an Unnecessary Identity Fail (after his previous piece, How to Divine the Bovine, this is starting to sound like a field guide to identisaurus). His key point: we’ve had … Continue reading

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Craig Burton Divines the Bovine

There are few people I have met in my career who can distill complex topics down to their very essence. Craig Burton is one of them. His Burton Ubiquity Matrix, about which he gave a great session at the last … Continue reading

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Shift Giving to Nature

I have been super heads-down in the last month with the pre-beta launch of Connect.Me (yes, I know it sounds funny, there’s not even into the real beta yet and there was still a great deal to announce at IIW, EIC, and … Continue reading

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When Josh Spector posted a link to this commercial…

…it was before the triple disaster hit Japan. Now visit his blog and watch this commercial and see how powerful it is now. Thanks Josh. And thanks to Ernesto Diaz for tweeting about it.

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The Connect.Me Blog

With Connect.Me finally having a public-facing beta signup process, even though we’re otherwise still in stealth, we’ve started a Connect.Me blog to start explaining what Connect.Me the company is about. The first post explains our overall focus on personal data … Continue reading

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Perfection vs. Mastery

This isn’t a retweet so much as a “reblog” of Sarah Allen’s post about perfection vs. mastery and the 5 minute video there (originally from Abhishek Parolkar). It’s very moving.

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I am so ready to get rid of these

I have used Akismet blog spam filtering on this blog for several years now, but at least one or two blog spams get through every day and generate an email like the following: A new comment on the post #365 … Continue reading

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The Dangers of Externalizing Knowledge

The moment I read the name of that TechCrunch article by Devin Coldewey I was certain it would articulate the subliminal feeling I’ve been having ever since I bought my iPhone that I am committing less and less to memory … Continue reading

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Finally, a truthful privacy policy

For anyone who’ been dealing with Internet privacy, Dan Tynan’s The First Truly Honest Privacy Policy is a scream. (Don’t tell anyone, but it’s much closer to the real truth than anyone really wants to admit.)

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The real de(tai)l

Techcrunch had a link to this simply excellent blog post about the details behind the readability of Google Maps. It’s like a mini-Malcolm Gladwell essay devoted just to showing why it really is the details that make the difference when … Continue reading

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FollowFriday Microtagging with XRIs

The Craig Burton is at it again. Putting together all kinds of cool memes. This time he’s seen how to splice XRI into the FollowFriday endorsement system for Twitter. He calls the concept “microtagging” – using XRIs in the tag … Continue reading

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Bob Blakley's Relationship Layer Paper Now Freely Available

I made a long post about it when Bob first presented it at IIW and then the Burton Catalyst conference last June. Now anyone can get it here. See also Bob’s commentary on its evolution here. Highly recommended for understanding … Continue reading

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Now We Will

I don’t think I’ve ever made a political post in this blog, but tonight is an exception. We’ve never had an election like this. In my lifetime, I’ve never seen one man and his family and his campaign have such … Continue reading

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