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My Five Key Takeaways from the Best IIW Yet

I’ve done very few blog posts this year due to the speed at which I’ve been running with Connect.Me and Respect Network (more about that at the end of this post). But three weeks after it ended, I’m doing a … Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn't Freak Out about NSTIC

Kaliya Hamlin (aki IdentityWoman) has posted a superbly written and documented article on Fast Company about why no one should freak out about NSTIC (the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace). If only all dialog about digital identity infrastructure … Continue reading

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Taking Off Another Hat

After piling on too many hats on for the longest time, I’m now peeling some off. First I took off the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) Executive Director hat in August, and now I’m stepping down as Information Card Foundation (ICF) … Continue reading

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Will Norris on Identity and (Non-Recyclable) Identifiers

I could spend this entire week doing nothing but reading and posting about good post-holiday reading of recent blog posts. My theory is simple: over the holiday break, people (well, most people – not me this year) have time to … Continue reading

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XRD Begins

For most people, watching the evolution of technical specifications is like watching a glacier move. To those of us living the process, though, there can be a great deal of drama to it — in fact it’s much more like … Continue reading

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Nat Sakimura on OpenID and XRI

Nat Sakimura, who is quietly implementing real user-centric identity solutions in the Japanese market while many others are still talking about them, has posted his concise reasoning why XRI abstract identifiers are the the only really safe identifiers to use … Continue reading

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XRI in a Nutshell

Someday I’m going to write a book about primary challenge with disruptive technologies: they are always starved for resources. In fact, you could argue this chicken-or-egg problem is what defines a disruptive technology: it can’t attract enough development resources until … Continue reading

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Eve Finds Another Intersection

I’m going to start referring to her as the Venn Queen. Eve Maler has done another Venn diagram, this time to show the relationship of whole areas of the “user-centric” sphere of activities. Going into Digital ID World next week, … Continue reading

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The Information Card Foundation: Helping Scale Mount Identity

YAF? (“Yet Another Foundation?”) Some in the identity community have had that reaction to the announcement of the Information Card Foundation (ICF) today at the start of the Burton Catalyst conference in San Diego. As one of two members of … Continue reading

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Ryan Janssen Takes Me Back

Ryan Janssen pinged me via my contact page last week to ask if I had time to share the story of how I came to be working on XRI, XDI, OpenID, i-cards, Higgins, and Identity Commons. He reached me this … Continue reading

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Growing the OpenID Community

When people talk about Internet innovations coming from the “grassroots”, they are going to use OpenID as the textbook case. From Brad Fitzpatrick’s original protocol in 2005 to today’s announcement that Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Verisign were joining the … Continue reading

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Higgins speaks SAML

Paul Trevithick just posted about a significant new step for the Higgins Project – the first contributions adding support for SAML 2.0. At first blush that may not seem surprising – SAML is the granddaddy of modern Internet identity protocols … Continue reading

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Phil Windley on XRDS

I just added XRDS (Extensible Resource Descriptor Sequence) as a new category on my blog because this simple XML document format, created by the OASIS XRI Technical Committee to provide XRI resolution metadata and subsequently adopted by Yadis, is starting … Continue reading

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Semantically Meaningful Identifiers: What a Concept!

I haven’t blogged in a month because I’m so heads down with XRI 2.1 specs, prep for IIW (next week), and the business side of user-centric identity (yes, this really needs to turn into an industry if it is to … Continue reading

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Eve Gets the Venn of Identity

Speaking of great posts and great pictures, I think Eve Maler’s recent Venn of Identity diagram is the best thumbnail picture of “Internet identity space” I’ve ever seen. She credits both Johannes Ernst and Paul Madsen for the progenitors. Eve’s … Continue reading

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Victor Finally Writing Turtles All the Way Down

Victor Grey, co-founder of i-broker 2idi with Fen Labalme, has always been one of my favorite cats in the identity universe, but you need to know him well enough to coax out his deep wisdom. Now that he’s blogging, you … Continue reading

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I-Names, OpenID, and Cardspace

Kim Cameron has done another great post about how Cardspace and OpenID can work together, and specifically about the potential relationship of information cards and XRI i-names and i-numbers. This continued a thread that started with a post I did … Continue reading

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Identity Meme

If you want to follow the real down-and-dirty of what the identity layer will become, catch Jeff Hodges blog at Before he joined NeuStar two years ago (lured by Peter Davis among others), Jeff was with Oblix and Sun … Continue reading

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CardSpace and OpenID Starting the Convergence Dance?

Earlier this month Kim Cameron starting blogging about some of the phishing concerns he’s had about OpenID that he and Mike Jones have shared with myself and other members of the OpenID community privately since Digital ID World last September. … Continue reading

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SAML and OpenID at the Convergence Dance

Eve Maler called it a “swirling nexus”. That’s appropriate for both the weather and the dance of discussions at an informal meeting last week between SAMListas (Eve’s term) and OpenIDear’s (my term) hosted by JanRain last week in Portland. Eve … Continue reading

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