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Even Just Two Days Can Be a Vacation

“Summer vacation” this year consisted of just two days—the only two days my two sons could free up to take off with my wife and I. There wasn’t even enough time to go out of town, so finally we had a … Continue reading

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Brad Feld on How to Deal with Email After a Long Vacation

My Newsle service spotted this post by Brad Feld about his recommended approach to dealing with missed email: ignore it and re-engage with your email stream afresh upon your return. I completely agree; that’s was the same conclusion I came to after … Continue reading

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Another Post about Vacation Mind (and Email Sabbaticals)

Every year I come back from vacation wanting to doing another post to remind myself just how essential they are. Not just to one’s mental health and well being. But to one’s productivity, however you measure it. In short, vacations … Continue reading

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Robert Pirsig Explains Vacation Zen

Some 34 years after it was published and 20 years after my last (fifth) reading, Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance remains the book that has has the biggest influence on my life. I took my old … Continue reading

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The Value of Vacation Mind

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. But this has been a summer of big transitions — big enough that it will take several posts to cover it all. Yet on this, my first day “back to … Continue reading

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