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An Inconvenient Truth – Truer Than Ever

Although I saw snippets when it first came out, I sat down tonight to watch An Inconvenient Truth end-to-end with my wife and two boys, and I was blown away by how powerful a message it still delivers. In fact … Continue reading

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Growing the OpenID Community

When people talk about Internet innovations coming from the “grassroots”, they are going to use OpenID as the textbook case. From Brad Fitzpatrick’s original protocol in 2005 to today’s announcement that Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Verisign were joining the … Continue reading

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Identity Commons Quarterly Report

Identity Commons is a fascinating story — to my knowledge there has never been an “upside-down umbrella” quite like it. Without going into that here (it needs its own post), I encourage anyone interested in IC to check out the … Continue reading

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