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Adding another Hat

When I told a friend that I was “adding yet another hat” by taking on the Interim Executive Director role at the Information Card Foundation, he said I had so many hats it reminded him of this children’s book. I … Continue reading

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Few niggling UI shortcomings of the iPhone

Yes, I am now among the ecstatic legions with an iPhone – if my Samsung had not managed to last so long I would have jumped long ago. And now I’m as happy as all those other souls. After 10 … Continue reading

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Here comes the next Internet Identity Workshop

Spring is around the corner and that means IIW. The next one is May 18-20 in the standard location: the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Early registration is particularly important this year – 75 registrations are needed by the … Continue reading

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Paul Trevithick on Password Cards

Paul’s done a post about his writeup of password cards on the Higgins wiki. IMHO this isĀ  a long overdue idea for how an identity client (“selector” in information card terms) can overcome the chicken-and-egg adoption problem. Selectors are like … Continue reading

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FollowFriday Microtagging with XRIs

The Craig Burton is at it again. Putting together all kinds of cool memes. This time he’s seen how to splice XRI into the FollowFriday endorsement system for Twitter. He calls the concept “microtagging” – using XRIs in the tag … Continue reading

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