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The Data Sharing Summit: Problems and Solutions

Certain events scream out for live blogging. The Data Sharing Summit is one of them. So these are my notes from first half of Day 1. (Then why are they being posted at midnight, you ask? Because there was too … Continue reading

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Eve riffs on SAML, OpenID, XRI, and privacy

In my book Eve Maler’s about as cool as it gets. XMLGrrl was not only one of the inventors of XML, but deeply understands many of its richest applications from DocBook to SAML. And she’s been a pioneer in applying … Continue reading

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The Limited Liability Persona (LLP)

In Jamie Lewis‘s talk at Digital ID World this morning, one idea stood out as a real mind-bender: the Limited Liability Persona (LLP). Jamie was careful to give credit to several folks from the Burton Group who came up with … Continue reading

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Bob Blakely: What is Privacy?

This is the title of Bob’s talk at Digital ID World today. Now that he’s at the Burton Group, Bob can really run with his paradigm-inverting views about information systems as they really work in society. Bob answers the question, … Continue reading

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Identity Rights Agreements

The term “identity rights agreements” was coined by Phil Windley, Doc Searls, and friends in a discussion about identity after OSCON last summer. The full story is in a blog post with that title by Phil. At the Internet Identity … Continue reading

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XRIs and Privacy: Anonymous Single Sign On

Radovan Semančík recently wrote about the privacy concerns with global unique identifiers in his blog post called Global Troubles. He points out that the same issues arises whether those global unique identifiers are URLs (OpenID, LID, and now SXIP) or … Continue reading

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