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The Connect.Me Blog

With Connect.Me finally having a public-facing beta signup process, even though we’re otherwise still in stealth, we’ve started a Connect.Me blog to start explaining what Connect.Me the company is about. The first post explains our overall focus on personal data … Continue reading

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The Incredible Internet Irony Machine strikes again. The stealth startup that’s been my singular focus since stepping down as Executive Director of Open Identity Exchange and the Information Card Foundation last fall, called Respect Network, took one tiny peek above … Continue reading

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I am so ready to get rid of these

I have used Akismet blog spam filtering on this blog for several years now, but at least one or two blog spams get through every day and generate an email like the following: A new comment on the post #365 … Continue reading

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Finally, a truthful privacy policy

For anyone who’ been dealing with Internet privacy, Dan Tynan’s The First Truly Honest Privacy Policy is a scream. (Don’t tell anyone, but it’s much closer to the real truth than anyone really wants to admit.)

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Doc on the Data Bubble and how VRM Will Pop It

I’m biased but I think this post is one of Doc Searl’s best about VRM and what’s going to compel it forwards. It’s about the July 31 Wall Street Journal article about behavioral tracking on the net. He’s been preaching … Continue reading

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Fixing the Google Account problem

Every so often you experience a technical problem you can’t find any information about and which takes you forever to solve. Then, after you finally solve it, you are left scratching your head saying, “I don’t get it­—there must be … Continue reading

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The Age of Privacy is Over?

According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, yes. See the video with your own eyes and read the ReadWriteWeb analysis of the interview he did with TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington. Is the age of privacy really over, or does Mark Zuckerberg just … Continue reading

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