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Relationship Cards (R-Cards)

So much for the naive thought that I’ have time at the Burton Catalyst conference last week to finally blog about two subjects near and dear to my heart that I knew would be covered at the conference. It backfired … Continue reading

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Joe Andrieu Answers Questions about VRM

If you haven’t heard of VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) yet, you will soon. Not that it will be an overnight phenomena – that’s one of the points Joe Andrieu makes in his mini-FAQ about VRM. But read Joe’s post to … Continue reading

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Doc Searls, VRM, and the Redemption of Tomorrow's Internet

Ryan Janssen has posted another interview in his series on digital identity, and I daresay that if you’ve ever met Doc Searls, you can just feel his energy and passion about VRM coming through in this writeup. Highly recommended reading. … Continue reading

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Joe Andrieu on Microsoft's Health Care Record Initiative

Joe Andrieu, one of the leaders of the VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) community, has posted a good initial assessment of Microsoft’s first foray (post-Passport) of storing personal data for consumers via their Health Care Record initiative. It’s well worth reading … Continue reading


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Joe Andrieu on the User as the Point of Integration

Joe Andrieu, one of the pioneers of the VRM movement, wrote an inspired blog post on how not just VRM, but user-centric identity as a whole, can enable a radical rethinking of how systems integration can work. If you put … Continue reading

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Many of us in Internet identity like to joke about how we all work for Doc Searls, since he’s the one who initiated the Identity Gang and the whole current movement towards user-centric identity. But we may all seriously end … Continue reading

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