It's all about linking…

In my first post I said “it’s all about naming”. And it is. But it’s also all about linking. The two are inseparable, as I hope to explore here in various ways over the next weeks, months, years.

But to make it concrete immediately, here’s another way to put it:

  • You can’t have a blog until you have a name for it.
  • You can’t share your blog until you have links to it.
  • What finally convinced me to blog was finally understanding how effectively and selectively it helps you share thoughts via the RSS links others form to it. And vice versa. “Mind pipes” of the first order (my crazy head is always churning with this kind of wild psychophysical imagery).

    And the minds you are piping are the ultimate determination of your context.

    All by way of explaining a simple practice I’ll follow: introducing each blog link I add. Starting with:

  • Doc Searls ’cause he got me into this whole damn thing.
  • Craig Burton ’cause he said it would be worth it.
  • Kim Cameron ’cause he proved it was worth it with his Laws of Identity series.
  • Jamie Lewis ’cause he’s spurring all of us to come up with the killer app that gets it all adopted.
  • Fen Labalme ’cause he and Victor Grey have put their careers on the line to prove that i-brokers can work technically, socially, and economically.
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    Internet entrepreneur in identity, personal data, and governance frameworks
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