XRIs vs. URLs (Preview)

As the OASIS XRI Technical Committee heads into the final stages of completing the XRI 2.0 specifications (currently scheduled for a Committee Draft vote on March 11), I’m spending a bunch of time on the XRI Primer, the first general-audience document that addresses the question, “Why would I want to use XRIs? What problems do they help me solve?”

An early preview of the type of content that will be available is the answer I just posted to a question on the Identity Commons i-broker mailing list. It addresses the topic of the advantages of XRIs vs. URLs when it comes to two key areas: persistent identity and semantic integration. (If you have any burning questions about XRIs that you’ve been dying to see answered in the XRI Primer, please let me know via my i-name contact page at =Drummond.Reed.)

Once the XRI Primer is published, I’m working with other XRI TC members on what we hope will be a fascinating series of blog entries that will help shed light on where XRIs fit into the emerging “Identity 2.0” picture, and specifically into Kim Cameron’s enormously powerful Laws of Identity.


About Drummond Reed

Internet entrepreneur in identity, personal data, and governance frameworks
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