Constitutional Amendment Recognizing Digital Identity

I just received the following in email from Jaco Aizenman, XDI.ORG trustee:

On May 9, ten Costa Rican Congresswomen/men presented a Constitutional amendment to add a new human right to the Bill of Rights (derechos fundamentales): the right of having or not having a Digital Identity (Personalidad Virtual.)

Human Rights specialists commented today at the Forum that virtual rights (the right of not having or having a Digital Identity) are a fifth generation of human rights (see

This also means the creation an additional legal fiction, called Virtual Personality/Digital Identity, that people can use to manage/maximize the advantages that a Digital Identity offers.

Today, May 10, Congresswomen Martha Zamora organized in the Congress a Forum about Digital Identity (Personalidad Virtual) , specifically concerning legal, social, political, economic, democratic, and historical contexts. The forum was recorded and is available using the internal Costa Rican Congress number 15890.

This is a very significant legal milestone in the evolution of digital identity, one perfectly timed for this week’s Digital ID World conference. I look forward very much to seeing how this new legal construct evolves.


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