Mea culpa – Gabe was there first!

In my previous post I summarized a way to use XRIs for “open tagging” of blog entries and other content due to numerous pings from other bloggers about this subject — only to find out that my XRI TC co-chair Gabe Wachob had already blogged the exact same answer lastJanuary!

As usual, Gabe’s two steps ahead of me. That’s why he makes such a great co-chair.

Incidentially, for those who might be wondering, the XRI TC is currently incorporating feedback from several very interested parties on the XRI 2.0 Committee Drafts published in March. One of the main subjects being expanded on in the revision is backwards-compatability of XRIs with HTTP infrastructure using HTTP proxy resolvers. Since this has everything to do with making XRI adoption easy and painless (including adoption of XRIs for open tagging), it makes sense to do it thoroughly. But we expect to be done soon and into a full OASIS vote this fall.


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