More on Identity Rights Agreements

Paul Madsen makes another very good point about identity rights agreements (hmm, the acronym is going to end up “IRA”):

This work would be really interesting & valuable. Identity agreements and their identifiers could be common across particular identity systems (e.g. Liberty, Shib, OpenID, LID, SXIP, WS-*, etc) and so serve as a key piece of any metasystem that underlies or unites such systems.

Paul also points out (as has Peter Davis to me in an email) that…

Liberty ID-WSF has a container in our protocols for carrying such identifiers (an empty container because, as yet, we have not ourselves defined any policy syntax or identifiers – despite some early work along this route).

I believe it would be ideal for Identity Commons to work with Liberty Alliance and all the Identity Gang participants to define this vital new piece of the identity metasystem. I continue to have the feeling it may just be the fuse on Kim Cameron’s “identity big bang“.


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