Inflection (and Reflection) Points

Every so often we reach what seems to be one of those special inflection points in time: a period that acts like a gravity field for change. June was such a month for me. First my oldest son graduated from Seattle Waldorf School. Then we launched the i-names global registry service at the Berkman Identity conference. I returned that weekend to Seattle to begin preparation for my brother’s wedding the following week, only to learn the news that my mother passed away from advanced emphysema. We put together a beautiful service for her, followed the next day by my brother’s wedding, which was equally inspiring.

But by the 4th of July it was time to just take a deep breath and watch the fireworks dissipate into the clear night sky. I’ll be digesting these events all summer.

In the meantime, however, this digital identity infrastructure we’ve been building is starting to happen for real. It’s like finally beginning construction on a large bridge once all the engineering and site prep is done: each new piece put in place enables many more pieces to be put into place. Having a full commerical-grade global XRI registry/resolution service up and running is just such a step. This summer I plan to start blogging more about some of the other pieces XRIs and i-names can now fit into.


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