$5 i-names — Now That's Practical

I haven’t posted for a month. Beside’s the fact that it was August (a sacred month in Seattle), it was also prep for Digital ID World this week in Santa Clara, where XDI.org-accredited i-brokers are introducing support for OpenID 1.1, as well as interoperable contact and forwarding services.

And during the three days of the show (Monday-Wednesday), you can register a 1-year global personal i-name (=name) from any XDI.org-accredited i-broker for just US$5.00. A true personal digital address you can keep for life for less than a domain name.

Now that’s practical.

P.S. During this special, 1id.com is also running a special contest this week for a U2 iPod. Just submit your idea for the coolest i-name application.


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