I-names for anything you want

I-name forwarding service is finally here! At last we’re tapping some of the power of XRI resolution infrastructure — and demonstrating why I named this blog “=drummond”. Following is the new i-name of my blog:


And following is the i-name for my current work context, whatever that may be at any point in time (currently Cordance Corporation):


Both examples use the very simple first-generation XRI tag dictionary (+names) that’s in the XDI.org Forwarding Service specification. The advantage of +names is that as the +tag dictionary grows (and the XDI.org community has grands plans for how to do this), it makes it easy to find what you’re looking for without having to guess what someone else called it. (It also explains the funny parentheses — “+blog” is its own separately-resolvable XRI, and the parentheses tell an XRI parser this. To make it easier for people to type in an address bar, it will actually work without the parents, i.e., http://xri.net/=drummond/+blog.

But a forwarding XRI doesn’t have to use an i-name dictionary — it can also use standard HTTP URI path and query syntax. For example, I created the following XRI…


…just so I never have to remember the website name for my son’s school (Seattle Waldorf School).

Finally, a simple way I can manage the names I want for anything on the Web I want.


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