Doc sucks

I want you to know right away that I’m writing this post to boost Doc‘s Google suckiness rating. It was revealed during his closing keynote at Digital ID World today that his suckiness rating is only 1/3 of that of Cingular, which is 1/3 that of Verizon. Bob Morgan discovered this when googling Doc during his talk (and shared that as part of the audience participation portion of the talk, to gales of laughter.)

Given how amazing Doc is, I couldn’t let him suffer from that low suckiness rating, so I’m giving him as big a boost to his suckiness rating as I can.

With that established, Doc’s main point today was that the main action in identity is going to happen on the Live Web and not the static web. The reason is that the Live Web will help drive the Intention Economy, and the Intention Economy is a whole new frontier. The Intention Economy has no marketing or advertising — it’s about sales. It’s the “upside down buyers guide” — the buyer specifying what they want, and the vendor producing it. All the world of advertising and marketing is an outmoded way to try to get attention from consumers when we really should be helping those customers who are ready to buy.

So what we need are tools for relating – helping customers and suppliers relate. We don’t really need “identity management” products and services — we need relationship management products and services.


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