Mike Jones on Cardspace & OpenID Synergy

Ever since the last Internet Identity Workshop I’ve been running like mad trying to finish spec assignments, catch up on email, and prep for the holidays. Not to mention catch up on blog posts (Why anyone calls December “the holidays” is beyond me đŸ˜‰

First up is a comment back from Mike Jones of Microsoft regarding my plea that CardSpace and OpenID UX designers help each other in the user experience shift embodied in user-centric identity. Mike says:

In response to your question “How can we help each other?”, the first step to me seems to be for the OpenID providers to allow people to sign into their OpenIDs with InfoCards, rather than username/password. Then OpenID users will automatically gain all the benefits of the CardSpace user experience ceremony.

Mike’s right that Microsoft has put thousands of man-hours into designing the Cardspace UX, including the extensive anti-phishing provisions. Any OpenID provider can take advantage of that just by supporting Cardspace-based login instead of much weaker username/password login. That’s a great first step.

I think there will be much more to Cardspace and OpenID integration if the demos at IIW were any indication, but I’ll reserve that for future blog posts (after I finish my Xmas shopping).


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