Higgins speaks SAML

Paul Trevithick just posted about a significant new step for the Higgins Project – the first contributions adding support for SAML 2.0. At first blush that may not seem surprising – SAML is the granddaddy of modern Internet identity protocols – but it speaks volumes precisely because Higgins established its early reputation as an alternative implementation of CardSpace and WS-Trust.

What this reinforces is that Higgins is really protocol-independent. As Paul puts it:

Higgins is about a consistent card-based experience over whatever protocols have traction in the marketplace.

I’m spending a lot of time with Paul and the Higgins team now working on integration of XRI and XDI for the same reason. Both are open protocols being developed at OASIS for digital addressing and data sharing. Both “plug in” to the Higgins framework and its abstract data model. By serving as a “interchange hub” for data and tokens from different protocols, Higgins has the potential to do for identity interactions what TCP/IP routers did for the net itself – finally get us all speaking to each other.


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