Growing the OpenID Community

When people talk about Internet innovations coming from the “grassroots”, they are going to use OpenID as the textbook case. From Brad Fitzpatrick’s original protocol in 2005 to today’s announcement that Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Verisign were joining the OpenID Foundation — that’s a remarkable evolution.

And the evolution of the OpenID community and the development of the OpenID Foundation to support this effort is going to be another chapter in the textbook. If you want to see OpenID flourish, please do join us.
There’s still a long row to hoe yet — I don’t think we’ve seen but the tip of the iceburg of what’s going to happen with Internet identity by the end of the decade. But it’s too late tonight to speculate on that — must get some sleep and get back to building it. (How I do wish some days for some more blogging time…)


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