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T.Rob and I Have Another Vulcan Mind Meld and This Time I Didn’t Even Know It

So if you like that wild Vulcan mind-meld stuff (that Zachary Quinto now does as well as Leonard Nimoy did—both are stellar in the latest Star Trek), you’ll love this. Yesterday on my new Respect Network blog I did a post … Continue reading

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Markus Sabadello’s XDI Personal Cloud Demo

I sure wish I had more time to blog, but with about 110% of my time is going into building the Respect Network these days, most of my posts are on the Respect Network and Connect.Me blogs. But if you’ve been using this blog … Continue reading

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Here comes the next Internet Identity Workshop

Spring is around the corner and that means IIW. The next one is May 18-20 in the standard location: the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. Early registration is particularly important this year – 75 registrations are needed by the … Continue reading

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Fall IIW: Don't Miss It

I was just telling a colleague in the identity industry that so many meetings are being planned for the Fall IIW, Nov. 10-12 in Mountain View, CA, that I’m not sure that there will be any time for anything else. … Continue reading

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