Kynetx: Rules Rule

More about the long quiet spell soon. First I must post about a trip I made last week to spend the day with Phil Windley, his partner Stephen Fulling, and the inimitable Craig Burton down in Salt Lake City.

What Phil and company are doing at Kynetx is earthshaking. There’s not much info on the website yet, but last week Phil posted a white paper The Advent of Next Generation Browsing that introduces the whole concept of structured browsing. I won’t even bother to try to explain it here; just get the paper and read it. Then read another one of Joe Andrieu’s exceedingly cogent essays with his impressions, criticisms, and suggestions about the Kynetx vision of structured browsing and how it fits with Joe’s work on search maps. Also read Phil’s reply to Joe.

The rules language Phil wrote (KRL – Kynetx Rules Language) is at the heart of their solution for structured browsing. I am a huge fan of what rules languages can do with structured identifiers and structured information. That’s what I was down in Salt Lake talking with Phil, Stephen, and Craig about. Phil followed it up with a great post, First Class Namespaces in Programming Languages, that sums up how XRI and XDI might fit with KRL.

Did I say earthshaking? Watch out when this quake breaks loose.


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