Sensemaking Series on Internet Identity

If you need to understand Internet identity quickly and at a deeper level than you can glean from blog posts and trade journals, but don’t want to hire a dedicated consultant, Eugene Kim’s Blue Oxen Associates has a great answer: his Sensemaking Series is doing a series on Internet Identity. The series expert is my former XRI TC co-chair Gabe Wachob, who I can recommend hands down as knowing the space cold. Better yet, Gabe is famous for never hyping anything — he calls it just the way he sees it.

Plus the format – a set of four 90-minute sessions with a limit of five session attendees plus the expert – maximizes the information/effort ratio.

It’s a great design from two of the best people I know in the industry.


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Internet entrepreneur in identity, personal data, and governance frameworks
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  1. Eugene Eric Kim says:

    Many thanks for the really nice recommendation, Drummond! Folks who have questions should feel free to ping me.

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