Adding another Hat

When I told a friend that I was “adding yet another hat” by taking on the Interim Executive Director role at the Information Card Foundation, he said I had so many hats it reminded him of this children’s book. I haven’t read it (and probably won’t — my kids are into Da Vinci Code and Ender’s Game now).

Quite a few of those hats came from helping start  non-profits in the Internet identity industry. However this is the first time I’ve stepped into the E.D. role, and all those hats are part of the reason. I really do feel it’s time to move the industry towards convergence. I believe a selector-based identity model can get us there, and I’ll be reaching out to all the communities I’ve been part of — and others I haven’t yet been part of — to help get us there.

Look for lots of new things coming out of the ICF in the next few months.


About Drummond Reed

Internet entrepreneur in identity, personal data, and governance frameworks
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3 Responses to Adding another Hat

  1. Wow, Drummond, congrats!

  2. orcmid says:

    Yes, congratulations and good luck. I think your mission is extremely worthy.

  3. John McGrath says:

    Drummond how are you? Congrats on another hat. Give one of the other ones to the Good Will.

    I always loved the book on audio tape. An oboe masterpiece!

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