Will Norris on Identity and (Non-Recyclable) Identifiers

I could spend this entire week doing nothing but reading and posting about good post-holiday reading of recent blog posts. My theory is simple: over the holiday break, people (well, most people – not me this year) have time to take a breather and write down something that’s really been on their minds.

And because they are not rushed, they have time to condense and sharpen their thoughts, and the result is a rash of excellent blog posts.

A wonderful example is Will Norris’ post about identity and identifiers. He speaks from long experience (and he’s worked on several identity protocols, including OpenID and SAML, as part of the Shibboleth project).

Read it and weep (if you have a recyclable OpenID).

(Aside: Although, as Will’s article intimates, XRI architecture solves this problem at the structural level, the implementation of XRI across OpenID 2.0 sites and libraries is currently very uneven. So IMHO realistically a full solution to the recyclable identifier problem with OpenID is still another protocol generation away.)


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