Joe Andrieu Cuts the Gordian Data Ownership Knot

Joe Andrieu has a wonderful way of cutting the Gordian knot on complex socio-technical topics, with clear prose, compelling arguments, and clever illustrations that explain why you should look at something decidedly differently.

Now he wields that knife on the very knotty “problem” of data ownership.

I passionately agree with Joe (and his Kantara Working Group co-chair Iain Henderson) on this subject; I suspect it’s because my perspective on it was long ago warped by the lens of XDI, which itself is a new way of thinking about data.

Turn the telescope to look at personal data from the standpoint of who controls its  sharing with whom, and many pieces finally come into focus.

Keep that in mind as we move into an XDI-enabled world.


About Drummond Reed

Internet entrepreneur in identity, personal data, and governance frameworks
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