The Incredible Internet Answer Machine

I know reams have been written about “are we all getting dumber because the Internet is getting smarter?”

But still, it does take my breath away, almost every day.

In another one for the “new heights of irony” file: I was using Gmail this morning and once again wondered about the little orange dot that appears next to the names of some email senders.

I’d wondered at least a half dozen times before what this meant, because when you hover over it, there’s no balloon (there should be, Google).

So this morning I finally asked The Incredible Internet Answer Machine.

I just opened another tab and typed “Orange dot in Gmail” into my Google search bar.

The #1 hit (in .29 seconds) was the exact answer to my question

…in Yahoo Answers!

(We’re going to have to rename it The Incredible Internet Irony Machine 😉 )

BTW, the answer is: Orange means the sender is using Gmail but is in “idle” status because they haven’t looked at their Gmail page in awhile – they are busy using some other browser tab or application. Green = active on Gmail now, Red = busy, Grey = offline.


About Drummond Reed

Internet entrepreneur in identity, personal data, and governance frameworks
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1 Response to The Incredible Internet Answer Machine

  1. Cindy says:

    I feel sooooo much less stupid now because it was about the same time (roughly a year ago) when I had the same question about that silly orange dot.

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