Portability Policies and Personal Data Stores

My primary involvement as a member of the board of the Data Portability Project has been input about XDI as an open standard for portable data. But I’ve always been very enthusiastic about DP’s work on Portability Policies. The DP Project just announced their first Portability Policy deliverable via this blog post on TechCrunch.

On the DP Project board call this morning I shared the view that Portability Policies are an inevitable first step — and a highly welcome one — towards widespread adoption of personal data stores (see my posts earlier this year about PDS here and here). When PDS finally arrive, the irony is that the policy will turn in the other direction, i.e., the individual will have their own data sharing terms and the vendor will be agreeing to those. That’s the essence of VRM.

Iain Henderson of VRM pioneer Mydex is already working on the terms for such an agreement at the Information Sharing Working Group at Kantara.

Bit by bit, the age of personal data stores and personally-controlled data sharing is dawning.


About Drummond Reed

Internet entrepreneur in identity, personal data, and governance frameworks
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