The Dangers of Externalizing Knowledge

The moment I read the name of that TechCrunch article by Devin Coldewey I was certain it would articulate the subliminal feeling I’ve been having ever since I bought my iPhone that I am committing less and less to memory and relying more and more on external stores. Devin does a wonderful job of explaining the danger this may represent.

I have a different perspective on what’s dangerous about this and what’s not. Freeing up the mind to do “the real work” has real benefits; I know how much it’s helping me right now.

But that’s a topic of another day (and this blog post is, as Devin describes in his article, a reminder for that day). For now, back to the day job.


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Internet entrepreneur in identity, personal data, and governance frameworks
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  1. Thomas Ruddy says:

    Thanks, Drummonds, for this surfing tip. You and I are now connected via Doc Searls.

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