You wanna see what killer technical support looks like?

It’s when you send a three line email and within 24 hours you get a reply back like this:

TextExpander Support

Hi Drummond,

Regarding a), we do hear from users occasionally with this issue, although nothing has changed or is different with 3.2.3 than previous versions, so I am surprised to hear that the problem arose only after updating. I wonder if the order of items starting up at login has something to do with it.

In general it indicates that while you haven’t been typing, your system has found other uses for the RAM that TextExpander was occupying, and has swapped TextExpander out to virtual memory on the hard drive. When you begin typing again, the initial key-press forces the system to load TextExpander back into main memory, which causes a short delay. The system decides TextExpander is taking too long to respond, and goes on to process the next key without telling TextExpander about it. Finally TextExpander finishes loading, and the first key completes processing.

In some cases, people have sent in diagnostic logs capturing the problem, and we have been able to suggest changes that fix the problem. In other cases, nothing could be determined.

If you’d like to try to diagnose this issue:
1 – Open TextExpander and in its Help menu, select “Enable Logging” and “Enable Detailed Logging”
2 – Continue your normal typing, pausing, etc. until the character swapping occurs
3 – Open the Console application, which should be located in your Applications / Utilities folder.
4 – In the “All Messages” part of the Console, select the past several minutes of messages from all applications, Copy them, then Paste them into an email message to us. That is, we want console messages that will show what was happening in the minutes or seconds that you were not typing, plus the TextExpander messages that should have appeared when you did start typing again.

Then be sure to turn “Detailed Logging” and “Logging” back off afterwards as it generates a huge number of console messages.

Regarding b), we have heard from two other users a similar report of getting whatever is on the clipboard instead of the snippet, but we haven’t been able to duplicate the problem here. If you can capture this issue using Detailed Logging as well, we might be able to figure out what is going on.

Thanks for using TextExpander from Smile!

TextExpander support

Now that’s the kind of service that wants to make you shout from the rooftops (or the digital equivalent: blog it, tweet it, and tell all your social networking friends).

Do I love TextExpander? As I said in my reply email, “I never want to have to live without this product on any device I use for the rest of my life.”

Case closed. I will be a Smile Software customer for life.


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2 Responses to You wanna see what killer technical support looks like?

  1. deverill says:

    Thank you Drummond for posting this. I agree, Smile Software is incredible and it is refreshing to see such a response.

    I have had the same 2 problems they address – out of order text and clipboard pasting instead of snippet expansion – so I will try the logging they mention and maybe together we can give them the info they need to squash this!

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