Shift Giving to Nature

I have been super heads-down in the last month with the pre-beta launch of Connect.Me (yes, I know it sounds funny, there’s not even into the real beta yet and there was still a great deal to announce at IIW, EIC, and PII – see the Connect.Me blog for details). But now that I’m back in Seattle, I finally had the time to visit the new site created by my good friend Andrew Currie called Shift Giving to Nature.

I simply cannot recommend it highly enough. I’ve know Andrew since we worked together on The Internet Adapter back in 1993, and I can’t recommend him highly enough either (just tagging him on doesn’t do him enough justice). Anything Andrew tackles he does superbly or not at all, so when he told Joe Johnston and I at SXSW that he wanted to create a site that would shift more charitable giving to the environment and wildlife, I knew it was going to be powerful.

Please visit called Shift Giving to Nature, watch the video, and tell me if you don’t agree.


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